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First Home Buyer Financing Tips

It’s a daunting world for the first home buyer; skyrocketing median house prices, interest rates and an influx of lending platforms can scare off would-be home owners. Many wonder how they will save a deposit large enough to outbid seasoned investors, and parents feel helpless watching their children’s dreams of owning a home slip away. It can feel like one step forward, two steps back when it comes to saving your first deposit. Fortunately, there are many strategies we utilise to remove stress and get your child into the market right away. The guarantor structure is a great way to boost your child’s purchasing power without laying down your own cash. This strategy is perfect for home owners who have a bit of extra equity in their home, but who are hesitant to hand over their savings or borrow against the family home. You are able to access your home’s equity to secure a portion of the new property, [...]

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New retirement saving opportunities for the over 55’s

In the ever-changing super landscape, new tax breaks often arise as governments attempt to create incentives to encourage people to self fund for retirement and then to utilise their super to create income streams that will last well into retirement. One such opportunity is the ‘transition to retirement’ rule aimed at the over 55’s. The transition concept is a significant shift from the old ‘work full time until you retire’ model. The transitional paradigm recognises that many may prefer to ease into retirement gradually by cutting back working hours and drawing some income from their super before they fully retire. Extra savings there for the taking Bruce Jennings from Jennings Financial Services is spending an increasing amount of time helping pre-retirees to take advantage of this transitional environment. “My clients are pleasantly surprised when they discover the additional retirement savings that can be achieved in the 10 year period leading up to retirement. In fact it is quite startling [...]

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Understanding Infrasturcture

Matt Bushby, Global Head of Distribution, explains RARE’s specialist view on infrastructure and the key infrastructure characteristics we look for. He also examines why it can be limiting to view the infrastructure opportunity as the ‘Trump trade’.   Q. Firstly, what is Infrastructure? Infrastructure is the physical assets that provide an essential service to society. Put simply, these are the services we use and interact with every single day. For instance, we use gas, water and electricity to carry out our daily activities and we also use infrastructure, such as rail and roads, to get from location to location. Broadly, infrastructure can be categorised into two key buckets: regulated assets and user-pays assets. With regulated assets, the regulator determines the revenues that a company should earn on their assets. If an asset earns too much, then the company is required to return some of its revenues to its customers by lowering prices. Conversely, if the asset earns too little, [...]

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“Andrew Bolt is wrong on the economy and the budget”

By Peter Switzer One of my nightly commitments after I finish my TV show at 8pm is to listen to my colleague Steve Price and his sidekick Andrew Bolt on 2GB, 4BC, 3AW and a host of stations around the country. When politics heats up, like it did last night, with the Senate bringing on a double dissolution expectation, it’s always instructive to hear the thoughts of one of the country’s most right-wing thinkers. Andrew is also set to have his own show on the Sky News Channel, so he’ll be a colleague of mine there too, so it makes me want to ask: “Whose giving him his economic briefings?” They’re way off beam, way too negative and it means he was telling his radio audience that the upcoming Budget will be all bad news. He thinks there’s no money as well so he can’t see any scope for positives to come out of Scott Morrison’s mouth on May 3, [...]

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Market Highlights March 2016

Central banks back in action Concerns of a sharp deterioration in global growth eased back following three major announcements by central banks in March. 1. The European Central Bank (ECB) –increased the monthly size of asset purchases by €20bn and extended the coverage of these purchases to investment grade non-bank corporate paper. This has significantly reduced risks in the European banking sector, a large holder of these securities. With the ECB now buying up these securities and providing cheap funding to banks, the risk of a more significant slowing in euro zone growth, via a sharp reduction in bank lending, has been greatly reduced. […]

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State Finalist – Adviser of the Year!

At Millennium3’s recent Annual Conference in Queenstown New Zealand, Bruce was awarded at the NSW/ACT state finalist for Adviser of the Year. This is a fantastic achievement for Bruce and the team at Jennings Financial Services. It is a testament to the high standards, professionalism and quality advice that he provides his clients. Congratulations Bruce! Picture - Bruce Receiving his award from Millennium3 State Development Manager, Justin Baratta.

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