In financial matters experience counts

Since 1987 we been helping people achieve their financial goals

Experience counts in every field. Experience is essential when it comes to developing sound financial strategies and building wealth. Since 1987 Jennings Financial Service has provided their clients with advice and support that has enabled them to establish, build and enjoy a financial potential they would not have otherwise achieved; now that’s experience. But it gets better.

Jennings Financial Services will provide you with sound advice based on research provided by our Licensee M3, and research house Mercer.  Also from Bruce’s ongoing communication with Fund Managers and platform providers.

Based on this research we can provide a comprehensive analysis of your needs and an array of solutions,  to help achieve your goals.

Our Mission

At Jennings Financial Services we are committed to forming close partnerships with our clients. We strive to understand you and your needs so we can provide advice tailored to your situation and financial goals. Our advice grows with our clients and/or the needs of the economic climate.

JFS understands everyone is busy so we have mastered the fine balance of ensuring clients are active partners, after all, it’s your money while we do the work.

We create personalised cost effective solutions by:

  • Being passionate your needs and expectations, while striving to exceed them
  • Focusing on your financial goals
  • Providing accurate advice that offers real solutions
  • Providing ongoing review and management of your plans

Why choose us?

As Australian Securities & Investment Commission Money Smart web site says

“Before you choose an adviser, you should check ASIC’s financial advisers register to make sure they have the right experience and qualifications to give you the level of service you need.”

We have been working since 1987 helping people like you to achieve their financial goals, we are constantly updating our knowledge to ensure we give the best advice that meets your financial goals and life circumstances.