Are you on track to retire with the lifestyle of your choice?

Don’t just accept that the super fund provided by your employer will meet your financial goals.  Choosing the super fund can be complicated and frustrating.  At Jennings Financial Services we will endeavor to ensure that your super fund meets the goals you have set for your retirement planning.  Jennings Financial Services will provide you with sound advice based on research provided by our Licensee M3, and research house Mercer.  Also from Bruce’s ongoing communication with Fund Managers and platform providers.  Based on this research we can provide a comprehensive analysis of your needs and an array of solutions,  to help achieve your goals.

In 2014, the Australian Super Fund Association (AFSA) estimated that a couple planning a ‘comfortable’ retirement would need a yearly income of at least $58,364. Those couples ‘happy’ to live a more modest (i.e. frugal) lifestyle will spend a minimum of $33,766 a year. Note: These figures assume couples own their own home. The register is updated quarterly and provides budgets for singles and couples to help calculate and plan for their chosen lifestyle.

Question: Do you have enough money when you retire to allow you to live the lifestyle that you want? If not you can, right now, begin to ensure you have the finances to meet your retirement lifestyle goals.

Solutions that meet your goals

Most people accept the super fund provided by their employer and that all super funds are the same and they will meet your needs? However, choosing a super fund can be complicated and frustrating. At Jennings Financial Services we make sure your super fund gives you the best possible outcome. Jennings Financial Services will provide you with sound advice based on independent research. Because Jennings is not tied to a particular fund manager or company we give independent advice based on thorough analysis of your needs.

Our regular reviews keep you up to date on the performance and strategy of your fund and, where necessary, allows us to suggest possible changes required due to market fluctuations.

Superannuation is only one strategy that will help to get the money that you want for your retirement. We can tailor a range of strategies that will help to achieve your financial goal for a comfortable retirement.

Now you can relax knowing your money is working hard for your retirement.

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