Brexit Market Watch – The Economy and Financial Markets

Britain has voted to ‘Leave’ the European Union (EU) 52 – 48 per cent. But the debate about the implications for economies and financial markets is just beginning. The magnitude of the impact on markets and economies is open to debate. The likely rolling series of “shocks” are expected to be financial, political and economic. The UK will be most affected. But Europe (and the rest of the world) will not emerge unscathed. A financial shock Volatility has risen in the wake of the Brexit decision. Currency volatility can be seen in the Pound, US dollar and Australian dollar. We anticipate it will take up to another week before currency volatility settles down. […]

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Brexit Watch – Search for Stability

In the wake of Brexit, PIMCO recorded a conversation with Gordon Brown, former UK Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer, now member of PIMCO’s Global Advisory Board, and Andrew Balls, CIO Global Fixed Income, on the challenges facing the UK following its historic referendum to leave the EU. The discussion offers perspectives on Brexit’s global economic impact and implications for investors. This call was recorded on 5 July 2016 and the recording is delivered by streaming audio.

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