Uncertainty, fear, toilet paper and investing.

Uncertainty, fear, toilet paper and investing An article from Bruce Apted - Head of Portfolio Management - Australia Active Quantitative Equities • What can panic buying of toilet paper tell us about investing? • Has the baby been thrown out with the bath water? • Recent correction largely typical What panic toilet paper buying can tell us about Investing Most of us have seen photos of empty toilet paper shelves in the super markets. What was your emotional response? Did you think about buying toilet paper too? Despite assurances from the government and suppliers that we have no shortages, fear can take hold of our decision making especially when there is uncertainty. As humans we are deeply influenced by the crowd. Faced with uncertainty our decisions tend to be more emotional. In this monthly note we take a look at the recent market correction in the context of human behaviour. Uncertainty and emotional decisions are part of everyday life [...]

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JPMorgan’s head of financial planning shares his 5 best tips to start investing

JPMorgan’s head of financial planning, Michael Liersch, shared tips for new investors. Liersch says most investors can be successful if they have a plan, manage their perspective, and stay the course. He also recommends that investors ask someone else – a friend, family member, or financial adviser – to look at their investment strategy and challenge it. Whether you are looking to start saving for retirement or you want to put some extra cash in the stock market, investing can seem daunting to the inexperienced. But investing doesn’t have to be complicated, says Michael Liersch, head of goals-based advice and strategy at JPMorgan. In fact, Liersch told Business Insider that most investors can be successful if they have a plan, manage their perspective, and stay the course. 1. Make a plan Liersch thinks the first thing someone should do before investing is create a budget and see where your money is currently going. “As a simple first step, roughly estimate how much of your [...]

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