KIDS & MONEY – How To Educate Your Children

Kids & Money - How do you educate your children about money without handouts? The problem with just giving money to your children is that there is the real possibility of ruining them financially as adults. We have linked a research paper about the Invisible-Money Generation which is about how money for children no longer exists in just the form of paper and coin. For example, V-Bucks are used in Fortnite as currency to purchase items. The purpose of the research is not to alienate our children from the evolution of money but to help us as parents understand our own attitude towards money (whether relaxed, engagers, avoiders or troopers) so that we can educate our children about money. The article attached is a research paper discussing and explaining how the younger generations (Gen Z & Gen Alpha) see their money and the best ways to communicate with them regarding good money management. The article also covers current terms used and [...]