The Ultimate Superannuation Checklist

BY LIAM SHORTE Republished from first/   Yet again we have only a short time left to the end of the financial year to put our SMSF or other super funds in order and ensure we are making the most of the strat­egies available to us. Here is a checklist of the most important issues that you should address with your advisers before the year-end. Warning before we begin In the rush to take advantage of new strategies, don't forget how good you may have it already. Be careful not to allow your accountant, administrator or financial planner to reset any pension that has been grandfathered under the pension deeming rules that came in on 1 January 2015 with­ out updated advice on the future consequences of losing the grandfathering. Point them to this document. It's all about timing If you are making a contribution, the funds must hit the super fund's bank account by the close of business [...]