Dealing with Stress & Anxiety

An Article from CNN Health by Madeline Holcombe, that our office hopes can be helpful to our clients if they are feeling anxiety regarding the current invasion of Ukraine, along with other worldly stresses. It makes sense that the attack on Ukraine is causing you anxiety, experts say. Here's what to do Russia's attack on Ukraine has sent shockwaves around the globe, and many people are feeling stress, anxiety and fear. There is heartache for those in Ukraine suffering from the violence, uncertainty about what's to come, powerlessness watching the events unfold, and even trauma from devastating images coming out of the region, psychologists say. Feelings of those around the world observing the conflict may pale in comparison to the pain of those within it, but that does not mean they aren't worth caring for, said Wendy Rice, a psychologist based in Tampa, Florida. Low emotional reserves This conflict is coming on the heels of another international trauma: the Covid-19 pandemic. [...]