This video explains the benefits if Child Cover Insurance and how it can support your family should one of the smallest members get sick or injured

Child trauma cover is often included with a trauma insurance policy. It pays out a lump sum if your child is diagnosed with a severe injury or illness specified in the policy. This can help you afford better medical treatment and allow you to take time off work to be there for your child. This type of policy can be purchased as an addition to your own life insurance cover, and is available for parents, grandparents or anyone else who is a child’s legal guardian.

A range of providers offer Child Cover Insurance such as AMP, BT, CommInsure & OnePath

What does child trauma insurance cover?

The comprehensiveness of cover and the benefits available vary depending on the policy and where you got it. Some standard inclusions are:

  • Cancers and tumours
  • Failure or disease of specified organs
  • Specified disabilities including loss of speech, sight or limbs, paralysis, deafness or cognitive loss
  • Severe burns
  • Diabetes, meningitis, encephalitis, medically acquired HIV and other serious diseases
  • Brain damage or traumatic head injury
  • Stroke, specified cardiac events, anemia and other specified cardiac or blood conditions
  • Other injury, illness or medical misadventure specified in the policy. The exact conditions covered will vary between insurers and policies

Watch the above video – if you feel that you require Child Cover Insurance in your policy, contact our office today and we will get the process started.