“Andrew Bolt is wrong on the economy and the budget”

By Peter Switzer One of my nightly commitments after I finish my TV show at 8pm is to listen to my colleague Steve Price and his sidekick Andrew Bolt on 2GB, 4BC, 3AW and a host of stations around the country. When politics heats up, like it did last night, with the Senate bringing on a double dissolution expectation, it’s always instructive to hear the thoughts of one of the country’s most right-wing thinkers. Andrew is also set to have his own show on the Sky News Channel, so he’ll be a colleague of mine there too, so it makes me want to ask: “Whose giving him his economic briefings?” They’re way off beam, way too negative and it means he was telling his radio audience that the upcoming Budget will be all bad news. He thinks there’s no money as well so he can’t see any scope for positives to come out of Scott Morrison’s mouth on May 3, [...]

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Market Highlights March 2016

Central banks back in action Concerns of a sharp deterioration in global growth eased back following three major announcements by central banks in March. 1. The European Central Bank (ECB) –increased the monthly size of asset purchases by €20bn and extended the coverage of these purchases to investment grade non-bank corporate paper. This has significantly reduced risks in the European banking sector, a large holder of these securities. With the ECB now buying up these securities and providing cheap funding to banks, the risk of a more significant slowing in euro zone growth, via a sharp reduction in bank lending, has been greatly reduced. […]

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Economic outlook for 2016

Dr Shane Oliver is Head of Investment Strategy and Economics and Chief Economist at AMP Capital is responsible for AMP Capital's diversified investment funds. He provides economic forecasts and analysis of key variables and issues affecting, or likely to affect, all asset markets. In this article ge reviews the economic outlook for 2016. SMH Article 13-1-2016 Asset class views Short term (next few months) Medium term (next 1-3 years) Global equities Expect volatility to remain high into the US Federal Reserve’s December meeting, followed by seasonal strength. The cyclical bull market likely has further to go due to attractive valuations against bonds, ‘not too hot/not too cold’ global growth, a lack of investor euphoria and easy monetary conditions but we remain vigilant to any deterioration in fundamentals. Australian Equities Expect volatility to remain high into the US Federal Reserve’s December meeting, followed by seasonal strength. A continuing cyclical bull market globally and low interest rates, the boost to profits from [...]

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